• The Lived Academic Experiences Of Ncaa Division I Fbs And Fcs Football Student-athletes: A Phenomenological Approach

      Yandle, Christopher Harris
      The purpose of this phenomenology study was to explore the internal and external factors that have contributed to the lived academic experiences and perceptions of academic success for NCAA Division I football student-athletes. The goal was to explore and conceptualize the lived academic experiences of football student-athletes. Utilizing a qualitative approach, the researcher conducted narrative interviews to understand the lived academic experiences at two institutions in the southeastern United States. Both FBS and FCS participants shared similar and differing academic experiences. Similarities included comparing their academic experiences to a ‘roller coaster,’ considering themselves a student over an athlete, enduring disappointment by being redshirted as a freshman, and wishing they would have taken different courses or majoring in a different area. Differences included considering themselves an athlete over a student and having a negative or lack of a relationship with their professors. Based on their lived academic experiences, current and incoming student-athletes as well as athletic department personnel may find it beneficial to further understand student-athletes’ academic perceptions in order to offer a positive and fulfilling college experience.