• Syncretizing Students' Spheres Of Influence : A Narrative Portrait Of Parent And Teacher Expectation Alignment / By Catherine Travelute.

      Travelute, Catherine
      The Spanish-speaking Hispano-Latino diaspora demographic is the largest and fastest-growing English-learning population in the United States. In response to the needs present in these student demographics, two Spanish-speaking mothers and two English-speaking teachers participated in semi-structured interviews regarding their purposes and priorities for English-learning students’ reading in English. Similar themes across all groupings included individualized interest in the student/child and high expectations for academic success. Differences in priorities for topical knowledge, purposes for knowledge acquisition, and guiding motivations for learning indicate effective communication between English-speaking teachers and Spanish-speaking mothers must focus on bridging these differences to support academic growth. Addressing common challenges to communication about differences guides professional development recommendations for in-service and pre-service teachers.