• A Phenomenological Study Of Emotional Intelligence & Millennials In A Multigenerational Workplace

      Tolbert, NyThea Campbell
      The increase in generational diversity in the workforce emphasizes the need for employers to note the co-existence of age and cultural phenomena that may impact work practices. As such, the purpose of this study was to explore the experiences of Millennial four-year college graduates and their acquisition and utilization of emotional intelligence as it relates to their success with soft skill development in a generationally diverse workplace. To address the research questions of this study, a qualitative research method utilizing interviewing was applied to gain insights of the lived experiences of recent graduates of a four-year degree program. Criterion sampling was utilized to find participants who were currently employed for a minimum of one year in a generationally diverse work setting. The lived experiences of the participants related to this phenomenon resulted in the emergence of five themes that offer recommendations in developing students’ professional skills and emotional intelligence to increase their employability and opportunities for sustaining employment.