• The Impact Of Immersion Courses On Self-perceived Multicultural Competence

      Oliver, Mercianna R
      Counselor education programs have a responsibility to ensure the training of competently trained professionals to meet the growing multicultural needs of our country. Immersion courses have grown in popularity as a method of instruction to influence the awareness, skill and knowledge necessary for multicultural competence. The purpose of this study is to determine if immersion courses have an impact on self-perceived multicultural competence, and if so, what particular critical incidents of the course are viewed as helpful, hurtful, or desired from a student’s perspective. Utilizing a qualitative design, specifically the Critical Incident Technique, 17 interviews were conducted with participants previously enrolled in a counseling immersion course at a private, Southeast university. Emerging from the analysis, the themes considered as critical include global awareness, self-awareness, curriculum design, group dynamics, and informal immersion. The implications of considering these themes when creating immersion curriculum are discussed.