• Transport and Toxicity of Methylmercury in a Placental Cell Line

      Christy Bridges; Robert J. McKallip; Vidya Ganapathy; Simran Vaghela; Lucy Joshee; Olga Uchakina
      This poster demonstrates a study conducted to evaluate the toxicity of methylmercury on placental syncytiotrophoblasts and characterize the mechanisms by which methylmercury is taken up into these cells.
    • Understanding the Nature of Glycyrrhizic Acid in Breast Cancer Treatment

      Robert McKallip; Jessica Hall; Olga Uchakina
      Modulation of HA metabolisms, both production and cleavage, by BC provides for a protective environment preventing the cells from therapy induced cell death or apoptosis. We suggest that inhibition of HA degradation by HYAL may be key in limiting the migration and progression of breast cancer.