• "riddle Me This, Batman": A Critically Visual Bricolage Of The Agency For Sociocurricular Positions In The Middle School Classroom

      Bailey, Toni Marie
      ABSTRACT Prescribed norms of standard behavior dictated by ta endoxa (individuals of perceived wise opinions) operate to categorize individuals and align their access to social capital, thereby inducing a stratified social order. The academic field offers a favorable threshold for the reproduction of these dominant norms through the habitus and pedagogic actions of educators. The prevalence of sociocurricular positions are a response to societal perpetuations of legitimacy in the academic field. Oftentimes, the sociocurricular positions dictated by the characteristics of class, gender, knowledge, language, and race hold individuals that are affluent, male, articulate, mainstream linguistic, and of European descent in higher regards, thereby, the representations of legitimacy. Upon a review of the literature, evidence regarding the presence of these positions suggested that students’ placement within the academic field influences their academic success. Students placed in low sociocurricular positions because of their ascriptive characteristics negotiate their habitus in processes that negatively influence their academic progress or impede their individuality. Thus, the incidence of sociocurricular positions can be correlated to achievement disparities. Using a visual bricolage methodology, this study was conducted to analyze to what degree of agency middle school educators uphold dominant norms of the aforementioned characteristics within their habitus, and how it influences their delivery of the curriculum. It was determined that of the participants analyzed, norms deemed legitimate because of dominant societal influence (ta endoxa) reside significantly within educators’ habitus, and it does translate to their delivery of the curriculum in various and interrelated paths. INDEX WORDS: Legitimacy, Social Reproduction, Cultural Reproduction, Sociocurricular Positions, Middle Childhood, Habitus, Field, Social Capital, Self-Concept, Ta Endoxa