Recent Submissions

  • Outcomes and Characteristics of Patients with Potentially Inappropriate Classification of Clostridium Difficile Infection at a Community Hospital

    Keum, Jinkyung; Jacob, Bobby; Peasah, Samuel; Shogbon, Angela; Bressler, Adam (2017)
    "The objective of this study was to evaluate the difference in clinical outcomes between patients with definite community onset CDI and those who may have been inappropriately classified as healthcare facility onset due to delayed stool sample collection or physician orders for Clostridium difficile testing at a community hospital."
  • The Prince Charming Effect: An Analysis of the Effect Unrealistic Portrayals of Men Have on Relationship Satisfaction within Romantic Relationships

    Render, Danielle (2017)
    From the problem statement: "In a culture that is filled with romantic imagery through multiple media outlets, it is no surprise that an identified potential reason for idealistic expectations is the media. According to Baran and Davis (2003), modeling from the media allows individuals to efficiently learn behaviors and solutions to problems quickly without sustaining harm. With the mass media being filled with idealistic representations of romantic relationships and partners, the viewing of this romantic media leads to an internalization of these unrealistic beliefs; especially towards one’s partner (Segrin & Nabi, 2002; Hefner & Wilson, 2013; Chernin & Fishbein, 2007; Galloway, Engstrom, & Emmers-Sommer, 2015; Shapiro & Kroeger, 2007). Thus when the research is connected, there are important implications to be studied regarding the media, the media’s effect on unrealistic romantic expectations, and how the media’s portrayal of romantic relationships and romantic partners may effect romantic relationships in reality."