• The Impact of Time on Complicated Bereavement in Individuals Bereaved by Suicide Death

      Blackshear, Mindie M.; College of Professional Advancement
      Grieving is a natural process all people go through. However, the grieving process can become halted and unhealthy. This complicated bereavement can be a result of losing a loved one to suicide death. The goal of this study was to grasp the impact time since death has on the severity of complicated bereavement developed by those suffering from the death of a loved one via suicide. Utilizing the Prolonged Grief-13 Revised (PG-13-R) assessment and sample groups divided by time since death, an ANOVA was performed on the data to compare the between-group variance. Results of the ANOVA was utilized to understand the impact of time on complicated bereavement in people bereaved by suicide. The results of this data analysis will be reported and discussed. Further, implications and recommendations for on future research and upon the clinical field will be expanded upon.