• The Essence of Caring™: Exploring Six Steps for Effective Spiritual Conversations at Mayo Clinic

      Valino, Estrella L; McAfee School of Theology
      Under the direction of Denise Massey, Ph.D. Spiritual care has important implications for an individual’s health and wellbeing. This study explored the effectiveness of the process of CARING™: Six Steps for Effective [Spiritual] Conversations, as the methodology was taught to a nurse and then evaluated. Over seven weeks, the CARING™ process was to be found effective, reliable, and beneficial in her role as a nurse. This mixed-method approach of research demonstrated the effectiveness of the educational tool. This participant was able to rate her beliefs based on her own experiences as a nurse working with patients who go through life-changing events. This participant developed her competence, shared her experiences, and articulated a clear understanding of the CARING™ methodology through her responses in pre-test and post-test questionnaires, personal reflection, and the post-focused interview process. This participant experienced spiritual growth and acquired skills and knowledge of the CARING™ process by participating in this study. Learning the six steps of CARING™ increased her knowledge. She developed a new set of skills for her daily routine to continuously use this tool for effective [spiritual] conversations. This nurse greatly benefited by the CARING™ model. She described feeling empowered to work collaboratively with hospital chaplains as they might seek to implement spiritual care interventions in a healthcare setting. Further development of this work might include sharing this material with healthcare providers, allied health workers, chaplains, and other ministers. Doing so might build rapport and trust, not only in multi-disciplinary healthcare settings, but more importantly in every person’s home, community, and parish settings.