• Choke Inductors in RF Phantom Circuit

      Radi, Amjad; School of Engineering
      This research work provides examples of how different inductors can be used for RF isolation in a range of circuits from relatively narrow band applications like portable devices up to broadband networks for data distribution. The different types of inductors used in these applications are identified and discussed. As an RF circuit designer choosing RF inductor choke might become a challenge, as this inductor is critical to get the desired signal from the antenna to get received to get processed and deny the undesired one from passing through. Common choke type are the ones used for common applications such as radio reception (FM and AM), modern digital radio reception (XM and DAB) and GPS. A failure of choosing this RF choke can cause the loss of the desired signal, increasing noise level and therefore failure of design. In this research work, the author would experiment, discuss and show results for choke inductors used for 100MHz which is used for FM reception and 220MHz which is used for DAB radio.