• More Than Money: An Examination Of The Relationship Of Cultural Capital Variables On Four-year College Enrollment

      McLendon, Matthew Buckley
      MATTHEW MCLENDON MORE THAN MONEY: AN EXAMINATION OF THE RELATIONSHIP OF CULTURAL CAPITAL VARIABLES ON FOUR-YEAR COLLEGE ENROLLMENT Under the direction of OLIVIA BOGGS, Ed.D. Using data from the High School Longitudinal Study of 2009, this study looks at the variances in student admission knowledge and parental admission guidance by socio-economic level and tests the relationships of cultural capital variables on four-year college enrollment. While previous studies have found a relationship between cultural capital and four-year college enrollment, this study adds to the literature by defining both what a student knows about college admission and financial aid, parental admission guidance, and highbrow cultural activities. Results indicate that student knowledge of college admission does not vary by socioeconomic level, but parents' guidance on admission activities does. Parental admission guidance, student admission and financial aid knowledge, socioeconomic status and income all correlated to enrollment. However, cultural capital variables denoted to measure highbrow cultural activities did not show a relationship to four-year enrollment.