• Engaging The Sacred : Relational Spirituality Training For Direct Support Staff At Cedar Lake Lodge / By Kate A. Anderson.

      Anderson, Kate A.
      Engaging the sacred: relational spirituality training for direct support professionals at Cedar Lake Lodge. Under the Direction of Dr. Denise Massey, Associate Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling This doctoral project focuses on the effectiveness of Relational Spirituality training administered to the direct support professionals at Cedar Lake Lodge, an intermediate care facility for adults with severe intellectual and developmental disabilities. The effectiveness was tested through administration of a survey prior to and following a professional training session offered by the researcher. The results seem to demonstrate an increase in spiritual integration for direct support professionals who participated. The reframing of spiritual life supports as an element of recognizing the individuality of each person supported at Cedar Lake Lodge seemed to have a positive effect on professionals of various age, religious, and cultural affiliations. The expanded perspective of spiritual support holds the potential for cultivating rich, person centered care that is mutually beneficial to the people offering and receiving care in the intermediate care facility setting.