• Recovery and Discovery: Developing a trauma-sensitive theology model which informs wholistic pastoral care for African American Women

      Stubbs, Tiffany (2021)
      Abstract: This research study seeks to examine the experience and responses of trauma within the realms of intersectionality and trauma informed care for African American women. The criticality of examining the duality of trauma and theology is filtered through a literature review and theological discourse. There is evidence of a correlation between the StrongBlackWoman schema and intergenerational epigenetic trauma. The trauma of living through the intersectional lanes of what it means to be an African American woman has consequently imbued African American Women with an obligation to bear the burden of strength and resiliency. This obligation has had detrimental effects on African American women’s physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. In order to provide space for transformative healing, I have suggested a construct of pastoral care model that encompasses a trauma-sensitive theological approach as a pathway to transformative healing. The goal of the pastoral care model is to provide strategies of recovery from trauma and discover ways to cope.