Group project: Saveur has hired your group to write a 10,000 word article on gender, race, or barbecue. Your article should offer a particular angle on the topic, it should use information from your presentations, your oral histories, and your annotated bibliography, and it should include photographs, recipes, and sidebar information

Recent Submissions

  • Women and Southern Food

    Avant, Aaron; Closson, Colleen; Cropp, Maggie; Egwu, Chinedu; Griffis, Justin; Lee, Karissa; Sayers, Justin (2013-05-30)
    When people think of the South, it is almost inevitable that they think of its food because of how important it is to its culture. Truth be told, fried chicken and macaroni and cheese are delicious dishes and wonderful to think about. But how often do we stop to consider who made the dishes? Who invested their time to make presentable and tasty delicacies? Who spent the amount of money required to make the dish? Who put in the vast amount of effort only to see the food devoured within a few minutes? Though of course the answer varies, it is important to realize that in the majority of these situations, women are the ones cooking this food. Indeed, women are the backbone of Southern foodways in many ways, reflected in cookbook traditions, commercial cooking, race, and the home
  • African Americans and Southern Food

    Addison, Sydeny; Bryan, Kailey; Carter, Taylor; Del Tufo, J.T.; Diallo, Aissatou; Kinzey, Alyson (2013-05-30)
    African American foodways, or soul food, developed in the South and have become a distinctive cuisine.
  • Adaptations of Barbecue

    Bove, Ally; Drawdy, Jon; Mitchell, Dylan; Moye, Logan; Thompson, Seth; Turnquist, Tayler; Wagner, Michael (2013-05-30)
    Many people claim that barbecue is becoming a relic, but throughout history, barbecue has always been adaptive and changing.