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  • Civil Right or Corrupted Institution?: Student Attitudes towards Same-Sex Marriage

    Moran, Michelle (2013-05-30)
    Although there has been an increasing acceptance towards homosexuals as well as increased rights for these individuals in recent years, there is still significant homophobia towards this group. This discrimination can range from disagreement with homosexuality to more serious cases of physical, psychological, and emotional harm. In addition, many rights are still withheld from homosexuals. In this study, attitudes towards same-sex marriage within the Mercer University undergraduate population were examined. In order to research these attitudes, a representative survey was distributed to 121 students at Mercer University. Variables such as race, gender, class status, religion, economic class, and whether or not the respondents live on campus were taken into consideration while determining factors that may affect attitudes towards homosexuality. SPSS was used for the data analysis, and measures of strength of association were tested. Religiosity was the most influential variable on attitudes towards same-sex marriage with a moderate association. This association could be a result of literal interpretations of the Bible as well as conservative values that are found in particular denominations. Since religiosity plays a significant role in student attitudes towards same-sex marriage, it is important to understand how religiosity functions in order to prevent homophobia and discrimination. More research should be completed in order to better understand the influence of religiosity on attitudes towards same-sex marriage.