Dr. Henry Fox was a Professor of Biology at Mercer University from 1918 to 1924. He had a strong background in biology with three degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, faculty positions at the University of Wisconsin, Temple University, and Ursinus College, and multiple positions of leadership in scientific societies. Upon learning that he taught the theory of evolution in his biology courses, Mercer’s Board of Trustees questioned Dr. Fox on his Baptist faith. Despite his record of regular attendance at the Tattnall Square Baptist Church, the Board of Trustees found that Dr. Fox’s scientific beliefs did not align with those shared by the university and Georgia Baptists. Dr. Fox declined to resign from the university and was instead dismissed from his position in Fall 1924. A Macon high school teacher who subscribed to the theological beliefs of Mercer’s Baptist leaders was appointed in his place.

The investigation into Dr. Fox’s beliefs is documented in the Rufus Washington Weaver Papers. These documents include student and public reaction to Dr. Fox’s dismissal, as well as the search for additional science professors.

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