The idea for the project was simple: an opportunity to rekindle child-like curiosity about the natural world and to notice and make sense of science phenomenon all around us! Pandemic allowed me to rethink my science methods course and take teacher learning outside the walls of traditional classroom. I took motivation from Phenomena for NGSS to begin our journey of wonderings, asking questions, and exploring science ideas that underlie everyday phenomena around us. Our friend and colleague, an enthusiastic entomologist, science education professor from Boston University, and creator of the above website- TJ Mckenna inspired us as a class guest speaker. He shared examples, anecdotes, and learnings from trying these challenges out with his teacher education students. Elementary science teacher candidates from EDUC421 course, immersed themselves in trying these phenomena, inside and outside their homes. This exhibit demonstrates their engagement and narrate their experiences with these science challenges. As future science teachers they were able to model for themselves the essence of science learning- making observations, asking questions and conducting investigations!

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