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  • Acute Pancreatitis: Evaluation and Management Recommendations in a Critical Care Setting

    Adeyeye, Yomi; Martinelli, LeAnne (2021)
    Acute pancreatitis (AP) is the most common cause of gastrointestinal hospitalizations in the United States. Gallstones and alcohol abuse are its most common underlying etiologies. With AP consistently adding to the hospital burden across America every year, initial management and prompt recognition of a severe AP presentation have become cornerstones for decreasing morbidity and mortality in AP patients. The introduction of severity scoring to the evaluation of AP patients has been essential for drastically decreasing morbidity and mortality. However, with so many severity scores to choose from, along with the controversies with management, how can we ensure that we are providing the best care for AP patients? It is crucial to understand the principles of evaluating and managing AP in order to provide excellent care for patients with this common disease. My capstone project looks to compare and contrast severity scoring systems while also providing evidence for the best diagnostic and management modalities for AP patients.