• The Efficacy Found within the Adlerian Theory

      Varner-Kirkland, Yvonne (2021)
      The purpose of this literature review poster is to present the significance of the Adlerian Theory and its effectiveness as a counseling tool. As a current graduate counseling student with exposure to a plethora of theories, Adlerian Theory closely resonates with me and my personal values. My theoretical orientation paper, written for my Counseling Theory course, demonstrates just how Adlerian Theory resonates with me. Research shows how Alfred Adler�s individual psychology, known as Adlerian Counseling, since its origin in 1912, has risen to be one of the most comprehensive humanistic counseling approaches. Adlerian Counseling is applied to various therapies, e.g. Adventure Therapy (AT), and Adlerian Theory allow for the integration of neuroscience principles into the counseling profession (Miller & Dillman Taylor, 2015). The review showed a limited number of studies on Adlerian Theory (AT) and Adlerian Play Therapy (AdPT); however, the evidence gathered from the literature review supported the efficacy of Adlerian Theory as evidenced by the use of Adlerian Individual Psychology (Adlerian Counseling), Adlerian Therapy (AT), and Adlerian Play Therapy (AdPT).