• Contraception in Adolescent Women: Helping Your Patient Choose and Use

      Cook, Ivy; Dickerson, Lisa (2021)
      There are numerous contraceptive methods on the market, yet rates of unplanned pregnancy continue to be problematic among adolescent female patients in the United States. This reality poses the question “What are we missing?” It is imperative that clinicians have a good understanding of the unique social, economic, physical, and psychologic factors that influence adolescent females’ contraceptive choices. This poster outlines some of those variables and influences, including attributes of contraceptive methods, economic considerations, cultural influences, relationship with both sexual partners and parents, sexual education, confidentiality concerns, and social media influences. It is important that providers are able to incorporate this knowledge into their conversations about reproductive health, so this poster also lists effective interview questions and strategies for discussing contraceptive options and expectations with adolescent patients.