• Usability Study on MyChart Mobile Health Application

      Ahmed, Nasra (2021)
      With technology constantly growing it is important for the gap between patients and their healthcare providers to close. Mobile health applications have made it easier for patients to access their personal health information at the tip of their fingers where and when it is needed. It is important for patients to be able to access this information even when they are not present with their healthcare provider. By doing so, they patients are able to be engaged and make informed decisions about their health. There were many usability problems associated with MyChart that required a usability testing. Some of these problems were that poor navigation, too many steps, and undetected errors. The purpose of this project was to test the user interface of the MyChart mobile health application against its usability issues. Conducting a usability test gave me the opportunity to determine and identify some of the participants issues as it relates to the mobile health application. It was important to observe and conduct this study so that I can gather the results to determine the efficiency and effective on the mobile application with their personal experience. As a result of this project I was able to determine how certain usability issues made a difference in the users overall experience with the mobile health application. I was also able to use the 10 usability heuristics and evaluate them against the MyChart mobile health application.