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    • Wood Thickness Reducer

      Hodge Jenkins; Stephen Hill; Pierce Smith; Dylan Kennedy; Charles Stroud
      Senior design project
    • Universal Back Brace for Pediatric Patients with Scoliosis

      Ha Van Vo; Scott Schultz; Lilian Morin; Jocelyn Pena
      Our team will introduce an alternative design for a scoliosis back brace that allows for an adjustable and mobile brace that will aid in the corrected gait and posture of the patient while alleviating pain.
    • Spinal Decompression Apparatus

      Kevin Barnett; Laura Moody; Loren Sumner; Connor Kozma; Diogo Avila; Drew Ferrara
      This project is a prototype that promotes automated, non-surgical spinal decompression for spinal-related ailment for the Vietnamese population.
    • Functional Electrical Stimulation Orthosis for Patients with Drop-Foot Syndrome

      Edward O'Brien; Kevin Barnett; Chase George; Paula Drake; Hannah Peshek
      This is a Senior Design poster covering an FES devices used for patients with drop foot.
    • Parkinson's Tremor Device

      Scott Schultz; Cassidy Hipp; Megan Delmonico; Daniella Chrabuszcz
      Engineering senior design project
    • Dustduino

      André Butler; Griffin Murphy; Pace Dillon
      An Engineering Honors project designed to develop a dust sensor which will be used for the Dominican Republic Mercer on Mission.
    • Universal Robotics Platform

      Arash Afshar; Anthony Choi; Andrew Robinson; Hunter Horde; Bradley Ford
      The Universal Robotics Platform is a Senior Design project with the goal of modifying a self-balancing scooter (aka hoverboard) into a robotics education platform.
    • GoBabyGo Enhancement

      Philip McCreanor; Hunter Fleenor; Morgan Teeter
      Modification to current GoBabyGo car to allow for center drive and a single, larger driver.
    • Hockey Accuracy Training Aid

      Philip McCreanor; Michael A Marcoux; Sabrina Mahnke
      The team worked on creating a hockey training aid to increase a player’s accuracy.
    • Engineering Models for Demonstration

      Kenneth Marek; Mary Connell; Sarah Earnesty
      The goal of this project was to design two different models to be used for demonstrations in engineering classes. These models will help clarify important topics for students.
    • Rainwater Harvesting at Habitat for Humanity Builds

      Arash Afshar; Natalia Cardelino; Stephen Hill; Michael MacCarthy; Philip McCreanor; Hannah Perry; Kelsea Southwick
      A senior design project of a rainwater harvesting system implemented at a Macon Habitat for Humanity home
    • Off-Road Vehicle Modifications

      Hodge Jenkins; Kevin Barnett; Arash Afshar; Sabrina Mahnke; Sarah Earnesty; Christopher Shirk
      The Mercer University School of Engineering (MUSE) constructed a two-seat all-terrain vehicle as a display vehicle that is driven and displayed at Mercer University events to showcase the MUSE. The MUSE building superintendent and machine shop support technician, Mr. John Mullis, requested that a series of upgrades be made to the MUSE ATV to further improve the vehicle and allow it to be showcased at a variety of Mercer events.
    • 10x10 Array of Stimulating Electrode

      Edward O'Brien; Kevin Barnett; Hodge Jenkins; Kimberly Gessner; Joshua Dupaty; Rachel Burns
      A senior design project focused on the development of a wearable electrode array to be used as a sensory substitution device.
    • Finger Force Required Versus Perceived Force Study

      Laura Moody; Adam Gracyalny; Dylan Loggins
      Overall, this study investigates the correlation between actual force versus perceived force and the effect of the person’s age and height on the force applied.
    • Fringed Campion: Conservation and Reintroduction of a Federally Endangered Species

      Heather Bowman-Cutway; Derek Cotton; Mauricio Farinacci; Christian Blasko
      A Macon-based conservation effort between Mercer and Georgia's DNR to restore the Fringed Campion.
    • BEAR Day 2020

      Tennille Shuster; Lydreyah Simmons
      Student Program Design
    • BEAR Day 2020

      Tennille Shuster; Lydreyah Simmons
      Student Program Design
    • BEAR Day 2020

      Tennille Shuster; Emily Stradling
      Student Program Design
    • BEAR Day 2020

      Tennille Shuster; Lydreyah Simmons
      Student Program Design
    • BEAR Day 2020

      Tennille Shuster; Amanda Schwartz
      Student Program Design