• Seawater's Ability to Absorb CO2

      Matt Marone; Barrett McDonald
      Dr. Marone and I are designing an experiment to test the ability of seawater to absorb carbon dioxide. This information will be used to determine the feasibility of melting ice caps to mitigate temperature increase.
    • Seismic Water Depth Meter

      Michael MacCarthy; Anthony Choi; Kevin Barnett; Gabrielle Sims; Ariel Dornisch; Tim Hood
      Our senior design project consists of a device that will use seismic reflection in order to determine the depth of groundwater.
    • Seismic Water Depth Meter

      Michael McCarthy; Joshua Knight; Ariel Dornisch; Gabrielle Sims; Timothy Hood
      A low cost seismograph that can detect the depth of groundwater.
    • Sequencing Batch Reactor

      Richard Mines; Stephen Hill; Nicholas Riddell; Yu Binn Lim; Sebastian Sanchez-Lara
      A sequencing batch reactor is a way to treat wastewater. This documents the bulilding and tesing of one.
    • Single Pond Agitation

      Richard Mines; Loren Sumner; Kevin Barnett; Stephen Hill; Brian ODonnell; Charlotte Dungan; Justin Boquist
      BASF/Mercer senior design team collaboration of Single Pond Agitation System CDR poster.
    • Smart Automatic Door Poster

      Anthony Choi; Alireza Sarvestani; Kevin Barnett; Eric Wiley; Regan Hinman; Connor Herne
      This is the poster for the Smart Automatic Door Senior Design project completed by Eric Wiley, Connor Herne, and Regan Hinman in Spring of 2020.
    • Spinal Decompression Apparatus

      Kevin Barnett; Laura Moody; Loren Sumner; Connor Kozma; Diogo Avila; Drew Ferrara
      This project is a prototype that promotes automated, non-surgical spinal decompression for spinal-related ailment for the Vietnamese population.
    • Standard Fog Collector Experiment with Varying Mesh Types

      Laura Lackey; Stephen Hill; Phoebe Capps; Hailey Ferrel
      This project aims to evaluate the assess the dew collection ability of different kinds of mesh by using standard fog collectors.
    • Targeting Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia with Imatinib and Glycyrrhizic Acid Combination Therapy

      Robert J. McKallip; Adir Mohaban; Olga N. Uchakina
      Examining the efficacy of an imatinib and glycyrrhizic acid combination treatment on chronic myelogenous leukemia cell lines. As well as examining the mechanism of action of glycyrrhizic acid.
    • Technical Mentorship of FIRST Tech Challenge Team

      Philip McCreanor; Anthony Choi; Harrison Verhine
      Mercer undergraduates formed and mentored a robotics team comprised of high school students from the Macon area.
    • The Brain Doesn't Lie? Neuroscience Imaging in Malpractice Trials

      Sara Appleby; Kellie Wydrinski
      This experiment explored the influence of neuroimaging evidence and patient deficit on juror decision-making in a medical malpractice trial.
    • The Design and Application of a Flow Chamber to Study Leukocyte Migration In Vitro

      Alireza Sarvestani; Loren Sumner; Sinjae Hyun; Madison Judd; Blake Chester; Connor Reed
      Our team (Blake Chester, Madison Judd, Connor Reed) were tasked by Dr. Alireza Sarvestani to design and build a flow chamber device to study the effect the endothelial cell wall rigidity has on leukocyte migration.
    • The Effect of Desire for Revenge and Negative Reciprocity on Customer Directed CWB

      Agnieszka Shepard; Lilah Donnelly
      Customer service employees will experience counterproductive work behaviors (CWB) when mistreated by customers. The mechanism we examine to explain the customer-directed CWBs is the desire for revenge.
    • The Effects of a College Volunteer Program on Bolingreen Health & Rehabilitation Center Residents

      Amy Nichols-Belo; Caley Anna Ingram
      A volunteer program was created, pairing Mercer students and nursing home residents, to fight the prevalence of elderly depression and increase social interaction.
    • Thermal Conductivity Apparatus

      Stephen Hill; Kevin Barnett; Dazia Enriquez; Justin Theophile; Jahari Moore
      The goal of this project is to provide our client with an apparatus that will accurately measure the thermal conductivity of different materials while minimizing the heat loss from the system.
    • Thermochemical Investigation of the Ligand Exchange of DDPA for Oleate on CdSe Quantum Dots

      Joseph D. Keene; Kameryn Hinton; Allison Jones; Sierra Hathaway; Zachary Di Giusto
      This poster displays the thermodynamic analysis of the ligand exchange between oleate-CdSe quantum dots (QDs) and dodecyl phosphonic acid (DDPA). This ligand exchange was quantified using isothermal calorimetry (ITC).
    • Thermodilution Flow Meter

      Edward O'Brien; Tara Chavda; Mary Connell; Shivani Modi
      The goal of this project is to design a device capable of outputting the average flow rate and used in lab demonstrations. The purpose of a thermal dilution flow meter is to simulate blood flow, specifically cardiac output, by observing the average flow rate of the water through the tube.
    • "Through the Looking Glass": Translating Academic Writing Practices into Creative Writing Contexts

      Deneen Senasi; Noah Mutfwang
      Using Mercer’s academic writing modules as a model, “Through the Looking Glass” works to describe the creative writing process for students from a student point of view.
    • Touch3D Yearbook for the Blind

      Sinjae Hyun; Scott Schultz; Michelle Jung
      This project aims to deliver a 3D printed, touchable yearbook to the Georgia Academy of the Blind as well as develop the most optimal materials, design, and method of construction to continue improving upon the 3D Yearbook for each coming year’s graduating class.
    • Transport and Toxicity of Methylmercury in a Placental Cell Line

      Christy Bridges; Robert J. McKallip; Vidya Ganapathy; Simran Vaghela; Lucy Joshee; Olga Uchakina
      This poster demonstrates a study conducted to evaluate the toxicity of methylmercury on placental syncytiotrophoblasts and characterize the mechanisms by which methylmercury is taken up into these cells.