• Parkinson's Tremor Device

      Scott Schultz; Cassidy Hipp; Megan Delmonico; Daniella Chrabuszcz
      Engineering senior design project
    • Pediatric Drop Foot Brace

      Ha Van Vo; Joan Burtner; Blair Gatland; Joseph Preziosi; Courtney Ton-Nu
      The teams goal is to make a lightweight brace that is durable, inexpensive, and can be used for a longer period of time.
    • Perfectionism: Using Distraction to Help Perfectionists Effectively Respond to Failure

      Amy Borchardt; Brette Moore; Lilah Donnelly
      Tangram puzzles affect Diastolic blood pressure, but not Systolic blood pressure or Heart rate.
    • Photopolymer suitability for a 3D printed model of the bile ducts

      Joanna Thomas; Nicholas Faist; Leia Troop
      Material characterization of different commercially available photopolymers to be used in an in vitro model of the extrahepatic billiary ducts. For use in rapid stent prototype evaluation.
    • PID-Controlled Electric Kiln

      Anthony Choi; Loren Sumner; Robert Gill; Jacob L Sokolove; Jonathan Wood; John Rightmyer
      The client requests that an electric kiln be designed such that a variety of metals can be heat-treated in a safe, automated, and efficient system. This poster covers the design process for the kiln.
    • Portable Solar Panel for Military Use

      Stephen Hill; Michael McCarthy; Loren Sumner; Logan Bradford; Michael Quinn; Will McCarthy
      Portable solar charging system for military applications.
    • Portable Solar Powered Battery Charger

      Ruiyun Fu; Phillip McCreanor; Cortlandt Montross
      We set out to build a portable solar powered battery charger that would be capable of folding and attaching to a backpack while charging a 5-V battery.
    • Problems in Cross-Cultural Environmental Communication: What is an Eco-City?

      Jorge Fernando Palacios; Nidhi Shashidhara
      This research will briefly look at the history of the APAC region’s environmentalism efforts and then continue to look at different cases of eco-cities in China, South Korea, and Japan. The focus will be on repeated environmental terms such as “eco-city”, “sustainable development”, and “green”, among others, which are found in multiple contexts with different prescribed meanings.The goal is to determine if and how semantics affect overall understanding and attitudes towards the environmental issues within each explored case as well as the broader, APAC region.
    • Production Improvement for Touch3D Yearbook

      Scott Schultz; Sinjae Hyun; Ishan Patel; Austin Sewell; Caleb Brown
      In the Spring of 2020, for the third consecutive year, the Touch3D team at Mercer will provide a 3-Dimensional Yearbook for the graduating seniors at the Georgia Academy for the Blind. The process of producing this yearbook includes several steps. Our senior design project was to work on production improvements.
    • Progression of Human Rights in Vietnam

      Bich Nguyen; Brittany Tran
      I will be discussing the progression of how the constitution has been revised and how it affected human rights, as well as how they are regulated now, if that.
    • Protecting the Hidden Victims: Increasing Family Bonding Throughout Incarceration

      Sara Appleby; Taylor Rinberger
      More than 2.6 million children in the US have incarcerated parents, and research shows contact through visits and letters helps remove some of the stress of the incarceration. My project aims to increase overall contact by making visitation facilities more child-friendly and enjoyable for families.
    • Proximal Tubular Hypertrophy Enhances Basolateral Uptake of Mercury

      Christy Bridges; Kayla Matta; Delon Barfuss; Lucy Joshee
      Animals were used to test the effects of mercury in control and hypertrophied kidneys
    • Rainwater Harvesting at Habitat for Humanity Builds

      Arash Afshar; Natalia Cardelino; Stephen Hill; Michael MacCarthy; Philip McCreanor; Hannah Perry; Kelsea Southwick
      A senior design project of a rainwater harvesting system implemented at a Macon Habitat for Humanity home
    • Reducing Barriers to Mobility in the United States and the Dominican Republic

      Michael MacCarthy; McPherson Newell
      The presented work highlights two approaches undertaken to reduce both financial and informational barriers to mobility in the United States and the Dominican Republic: 1) Instructions for correct cane and crutch fitting and use were developed and distributed in the Dominican Republic. 2) A comparative gait study between standard rollators and forearm rollators is being developed in the United States.
    • Reduction of Angiotensin II Induced Hypertension and Cardiac Fibrosis with GLP-1 Receptor Agonist and DPP-4 Inhibitor via Decreasing NADPH Oxidase Expression

      Zhi-Qing Zhao; Ning-Ping Wang; Trenton Banks
      This study entails focus on Ang II infused cardiac fibrosis, NADPH oxidases role in the inflammation pathway, and possible treatment options in GLP-1 agonists and DPP-4 inhibitors
    • Rewriting Reparations

      Alana Alvarez; Mason Thornton
      University Honors Project expanding upon the topic of reparations and ideologies to be applied to Central and South American countries to encourage cultural subsidization of indigenous cultures and languages.
    • Rewriting Reparations: 500 years to Now

      Alana Alvarez; Mason Thornton
      In 2015, Spain passed a new law allowing a formerly exiled minority return to Spain and receive full citizenship after 500 years of exile. I'll be discussing what this means and why more legislation like this are important to the world moving forward.
    • Richie and Beloved's Narrative Haunting in Beloved and Sing, Unburied, Sing: Salvage the Stories to Salve the Ghosts

      David Davis; Madeline Cole
      In the cosmos of Ward and Morrison, ghosts are literal metaphors of traumatic memories that emerge from holes – the unspeakable – in stories. When Sethe and River tell Beloved and Richie stories full circle, the ghosts’ bodies, as well as their verbal patterns, change, and I argue this change signifies their identity’s trajectory from wrecked to salvaged, forgotten to remembered, dehumanized to humanized.
    • Role of Sumoylation in the EBV Life-Cycle

      Gretchen Bentz; Angela Lowrey; Abby Harrod; Shakti Biswas; Peter Garcia; Falisha Hira; Shruti Jha; Alex Barnhill; Ananya Shah; Holden Lee; et al.
      We examined the effects of a novel, SAE small molecule inhibitor, ML-792, on protein sumoylation in multiple B cell lines infected with EBV.
    • Seawater's Ability to Absorb CO2

      Matt Marone; Barrett McDonald
      Dr. Marone and I are designing an experiment to test the ability of seawater to absorb carbon dioxide. This information will be used to determine the feasibility of melting ice caps to mitigate temperature increase.