• Observing the Structural Effects of the Aircraft Composite Carbon Fiber Polymer Epoxy against Varying Temperatures and Moisture Levels

      Arash Afshar; Chanah Bremar; Jennifer Andrews
      This project consisted of a data analysis/collection-type approach where our team performed different tests on carbon fiber epoxy material to determine its structural breakdown against varying temperatures and moisture.
    • Obstructing Quality Care: Barriers Faced by Nurses When Becoming SANE Certified

      Laura Simon; Elisabeth Colquitt
      An examination of barriers that nurses in the Middle Georgia area face when receiving a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) certification.
    • Off-Road Vehicle Modifications

      Hodge Jenkins; Kevin Barnett; Arash Afshar; Sabrina Mahnke; Sarah Earnesty; Christopher Shirk
      The Mercer University School of Engineering (MUSE) constructed a two-seat all-terrain vehicle as a display vehicle that is driven and displayed at Mercer University events to showcase the MUSE. The MUSE building superintendent and machine shop support technician, Mr. John Mullis, requested that a series of upgrades be made to the MUSE ATV to further improve the vehicle and allow it to be showcased at a variety of Mercer events.
    • On the Hunt for "BOMM" Biofilm Inhibitors

      Linda Hensel; David Goode; Jeff Denny; Natalie Yaeger
      An exploration into creating drugs that inhibit biofilm formation.
    • On-Site Treatment of Gray Water

      Philip McCreanor; Dalton Everhardt; Nicky Sun
      Two in ground systems that treat residential gray water on site are currently in use and being studied. The systems are mostly successful in treating gray water and being below certain regulatory values.
    • Optimization of Dispersion of Molybdenum Disulphide (MoS2) into Epoxy Matrix

      Alireza Sarvestani; Markell Jackson
      MoS2 nanofiller dispersed in DGEBA to improve thermal and mechanical properties of polymer material. Study focuses on improving glass transition temperature while minimizing nanoparticle agglomeration.
    • Optimizing Home Energy Efficiency and Solar Power

      Michael McCarthy; Michelle Graham; Alviez Chagan
      Implementation and investigation of low-cost solar energy in middle- to low-income communities.
    • Orthopedic Scoliosis Brace for Pediatric Patients

      Ha Vo; Philip McCreanor; Trung Le; Bich Nguyen; Tara Chavda; Lilian Morin; Jocelyn Pena
      The goal of this project is to design and develop a back brace that will prevent further development of scoliosis for pediatric patients.
    • Parkinson's Tremor Device

      Scott Schultz; Cassidy Hipp; Megan Delmonico; Daniella Chrabuszcz
      Engineering senior design project
    • Pediatric Drop Foot Brace

      Ha Van Vo; Joan Burtner; Blair Gatland; Joseph Preziosi; Courtney Ton-Nu
      The teams goal is to make a lightweight brace that is durable, inexpensive, and can be used for a longer period of time.
    • Perfectionism: Using Distraction to Help Perfectionists Effectively Respond to Failure

      Amy Borchardt; Brette Moore; Lilah Donnelly
      Tangram puzzles affect Diastolic blood pressure, but not Systolic blood pressure or Heart rate.
    • Photopolymer suitability for a 3D printed model of the bile ducts

      Joanna Thomas; Nicholas Faist; Leia Troop
      Material characterization of different commercially available photopolymers to be used in an in vitro model of the extrahepatic billiary ducts. For use in rapid stent prototype evaluation.
    • PID-Controlled Electric Kiln

      Anthony Choi; Loren Sumner; Robert Gill; Jacob L Sokolove; Jonathan Wood; John Rightmyer
      The client requests that an electric kiln be designed such that a variety of metals can be heat-treated in a safe, automated, and efficient system. This poster covers the design process for the kiln.
    • Portable Solar Panel for Military Use

      Stephen Hill; Michael McCarthy; Loren Sumner; Logan Bradford; Michael Quinn; Will McCarthy
      Portable solar charging system for military applications.
    • Portable Solar Powered Battery Charger

      Ruiyun Fu; Phillip McCreanor; Cortlandt Montross
      We set out to build a portable solar powered battery charger that would be capable of folding and attaching to a backpack while charging a 5-V battery.
    • Problems in Cross-Cultural Environmental Communication: What is an Eco-City?

      Jorge Fernando Palacios; Nidhi Shashidhara
      This research will briefly look at the history of the APAC region’s environmentalism efforts and then continue to look at different cases of eco-cities in China, South Korea, and Japan. The focus will be on repeated environmental terms such as “eco-city”, “sustainable development”, and “green”, among others, which are found in multiple contexts with different prescribed meanings.The goal is to determine if and how semantics affect overall understanding and attitudes towards the environmental issues within each explored case as well as the broader, APAC region.
    • Production Improvement for Touch3D Yearbook

      Scott Schultz; Sinjae Hyun; Ishan Patel; Austin Sewell; Caleb Brown
      In the Spring of 2020, for the third consecutive year, the Touch3D team at Mercer will provide a 3-Dimensional Yearbook for the graduating seniors at the Georgia Academy for the Blind. The process of producing this yearbook includes several steps. Our senior design project was to work on production improvements.
    • Progression of Human Rights in Vietnam

      Bich Nguyen; Brittany Tran
      I will be discussing the progression of how the constitution has been revised and how it affected human rights, as well as how they are regulated now, if that.
    • Protecting the Hidden Victims: Increasing Family Bonding Throughout Incarceration

      Sara Appleby; Taylor Rinberger
      More than 2.6 million children in the US have incarcerated parents, and research shows contact through visits and letters helps remove some of the stress of the incarceration. My project aims to increase overall contact by making visitation facilities more child-friendly and enjoyable for families.
    • Proximal Tubular Hypertrophy Enhances Basolateral Uptake of Mercury

      Christy Bridges; Kayla Matta; Delon Barfuss; Lucy Joshee
      Animals were used to test the effects of mercury in control and hypertrophied kidneys