• Marvair Line 1 Redesign

      Scott Schultz; Melinda Hollingshed; Laura Moody; Brandi Lewis; Michael Cosby; Tayla Scott
      In order to improve the overall efficiency and productivity of assembly Line 1 at Marvair, an HVAC manufacturer, our senior design team developed a recommendation plan for the company to improve the line.
    • Measuring the Effect of Supplementary English Instruction on Renaissance STAR Assessment Scores for Springdale Elementary English Language Learners

      Amy Nichols-Belo; Jessica Lewis; Tucker Buffington
      The purpose of this study was to research the impacts of an after-school intervention program on reading comprehension for elementary school students in grades kindergarten through fifth who are English Language Learners. This project involved two components: an intervention and an assessment. The intervention consisted of five, one hour, after-school sessions in which the target population received small group support from Mercer University student volunteers.
    • Mechanical Evaluation of 3D Printed Polymers - A New Lab Design

      Dorina Mihut; Arash Afshar; Dylan Kennedy
      A new lab developed to handle the increased amount of students passing through the junior level mechanical engineering lab.
    • Mercer Access Map

      Bob Allen; Cody Lee; Rob Saxon
      A map and routing application for individuals with limited mobility on Mercer Macon Campus
    • Mercer on Mission: STEAM Education in South Africa?

      Robert Allen; William Darragh; Harrison Verhine
      In the summer of 2019, the first Mercer on Mission teaching computer science in South Africa took place. This poster gives a general overview of this new and exciting Mercer on Mission.
    • Mercury Capture System Direct Flame

      Laura Lackey; Adam Kiefer; Isaac St.Clair; Samantha Pierce
      An apparatus for capturing and coalescing hot mercury vapor emitted from heated gold-mercury amalgams was designed for use in gold shop communities. This was an alternate design in conjunction with Mercer on Mission Guyana.
    • Metal Sulfide Alloy Nanoparticles: Electrochemical Band Gap vs. Spectroscopic Band Gap

      Dale Moore; Mahjabin Patrawala; Carolyn Cafro
      Metal sulfide alloy nanoparticle synthesized using the CdxZn1-xS formula to probe composition dependence of near-surface localization phenomenon using cyclic voltammetry and ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy.
    • Methamphetamine Induced Immune Dysregulation

      Peter Uchakin; Sydney Andrzejak
      In this study we aim to analyze how methamphetamine modulates Th1-Th2-Treg-Th17-Th22-Th9 (ThX) pathways in CTX-TNA2 astrocyte cell line.
    • Minority Mentor Community Mentoring�Program: Improving Awareness�of Career�&�Educational Opportunities�Using Personalized Curriculum�

      Mary Alice Morgan; Aditi Dave
      “The Minority Mentor Community Based-Mentor Program is a research-based service project dedicated towards implementing an during-school, college/career advising program to help educate tenth-grade students about secondary education and post-high school opportunities through mentorship advisement by undergraduate students. Through a series of 7 one-on-one sessions, trained undergraduate mentors worked one-on-one with Northeast High School tenth grade mentees by teaching lessons tailored to their mentee’s future interest.
    • Mobile Solar-Powered Water Pump Unit

      Ruiyun Fu; Philip McCreanor; Caitlyn Patton; Emily Davis
      This project consisted of building a cart and tilt apparatus for a solar panel that will be used to power a water pump. The tilt apparatus was fixed to the cart, and allows the solar panel to be adjusted to various angles, based on the sun’s position, to maximize panel output.
    • Modern Minstrelsy: The Art of Displacement

      Andrew Silver; Casey Allen
      This project is a research essay on the ways that minstrelsy still exists in modern media culture, particularily exploring three movies from the late 90's and early 2000's: Shrek (2001), The Phantom Menace (1999), and The Fifth Element (1997). This essay explores how minstrel forms evolved over time and how displacment and distancing allow them to exist in modern media without being recognized and criticized.
    • Multi-Sensor Measurement Device

      Stephen Hill; Scott Schultz; Robby Gill; Michael Marcoux; Ty McLemore; Andrew Deloach
      Our goal for this project is to deliver a portable device that measures pressure, carbon dioxide, temperature, and humidity.
    • My Word as a Biden: Uncle Joe and 2020

      Kevin Cummings; Chris Grant; James Black; Emily Harvey; Elizabeth Tadlock; Anniston Nooks
      This paper examines Former Vice President Joe Biden's career and aims to contextualize issues that have plagued his 2020 campaign for President.
    • Novel Compounds in the Inhibition of Biofilm Production

      Linda Hensel; David Goode; Lauri Weinkauf; Emily Bell; Alex Matsunaga
      We are creating novel compounds that will not be able to build up antibiotic resistance.
    • Novel Mobility Aid for Geriatric Patients with Impaired Upper Extremities

      Ha Van Vo; Hodge Jenkins; Sarah Delanie Lynch; Joseph Preziosi
      A universal walker with more adjustability and spring-compression handles was designed, built, and tested using EMG analyses. The goal of the walker is to assist elderly patients suffering from upper extremity weakness in their ease and comfort of mobility.
    • Observing the Structural Effects of the Aircraft Composite Carbon Fiber Polymer Epoxy against Varying Temperatures and Moisture Levels

      Arash Afshar; Chanah Bremar; Jennifer Andrews
      This project consisted of a data analysis/collection-type approach where our team performed different tests on carbon fiber epoxy material to determine its structural breakdown against varying temperatures and moisture.
    • Obstructing Quality Care: Barriers Faced by Nurses When Becoming SANE Certified

      Laura Simon; Elisabeth Colquitt
      An examination of barriers that nurses in the Middle Georgia area face when receiving a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) certification.
    • Off-Road Vehicle Modifications

      Hodge Jenkins; Kevin Barnett; Arash Afshar; Sabrina Mahnke; Sarah Earnesty; Christopher Shirk
      The Mercer University School of Engineering (MUSE) constructed a two-seat all-terrain vehicle as a display vehicle that is driven and displayed at Mercer University events to showcase the MUSE. The MUSE building superintendent and machine shop support technician, Mr. John Mullis, requested that a series of upgrades be made to the MUSE ATV to further improve the vehicle and allow it to be showcased at a variety of Mercer events.
    • On the Hunt for "BOMM" Biofilm Inhibitors

      Linda Hensel; David Goode; Jeff Denny; Natalie Yaeger
      An exploration into creating drugs that inhibit biofilm formation.
    • On-Site Treatment of Gray Water

      Philip McCreanor; Dalton Everhardt; Nicky Sun
      Two in ground systems that treat residential gray water on site are currently in use and being studied. The systems are mostly successful in treating gray water and being below certain regulatory values.