• 3-D Printed Custom Standard Wrist Brace

      Philip McCreanor; Courtney Spake; Ewan Bentley
      The project is to create a custom standard wrist brace. This will be done by scanning the arm, fitting a digital model of the brace to the arm, and printing the brace.
    • 3D Printed Extra Hepatic Bile Duct Model for in vitro Testing

      Joanna Thomas; Leia Troop; Nicholas Faist; Robyn Guru
      An investigation of designing and using 3D printed bile ducts as a model for in vitro testing biliary stents.
    • Applied Electromyography in Gait Analysis

      Bich Nguyen; Ha Van Vo; Trung Le; Pooja Vikraman
      A project proposal in researching the uses of electromyography (EMG) in analyzing gait.
    • Characterization of E-Cigarette Aerosol Deposition in the Human Lung Airways

      Sinjae Hyun; Sarah Spalding; Gunhee Lee; Skylar Christianson
      Characterized the behavior of inhaled e-cigarette aerosol within the human respiratory system. Using a temperature- and moisture- controlled airway model, experimental, analytical, and computational approaches to create a holistic view of the particle characteristics.
    • Correlates of HIV/AIDS-Related Sexual Risk Behavior of African American Emerging Adults in Georgia

      Makhin Thitsa; Chinekwu Obidoa; Ebonye Smith
      The increasing spread of HIV/AIDS among African Americans between the ages of 13-24 years indicates that it is necessary to focus research attention on understanding the factors that contribute to this spread of disease.
    • Curriculum to Teach Mobile App and Web Development

      Donald Ekong; Mary Lichtenwalner
      The purpose of this project is to develop a curriculum that will be used to teach mobile apps development and web development to teenagers from an impoverished area of Macon. We will be using App Inventor for the app development section, and we will cover the basics of HTML and CSS in the web development section.
    • Data-driven Control Theory & Application

      Makhin Thitsa; Maison Clouatre
      A short visual summary of recent theoretical and analytic results produced from a thorough study of data-driven control theory and its applications.
    • Developing a Method to Screen for Lead Paint in the Field

      Adam Kiefer; Caryn Seney; Ashlyn Kelly; Isaac St. Clair; Darran Shivdat; Kyle Powell
      To screen for lead paint in the field using XRF technology, a more efficient and accurate method must be developed. Our data shows that the current method can be improved both with containment system and testing methods.
    • Electronic Component of Touch3D Yearbook

      Sinjae Hyun; Adam Steinberg; Samantha Scholz
      Expansion of Touch3D Yearbook to include audio component. Part of the Honors program.
    • Erosion Testing

      Stephen Hill; Philip McCreanor; Benjamin Pollard
      This project mainly deals with the study of particle impact erosion.
    • Functional Pediatric Prosthetic Hand

      Ha Van Vo; Kayla Mamrick; Spencer Laue
      Advised by Dr. Vo, we have been working to design a pediatric prosthetic hand that features a full five-finger range of motion to be used on the MOM to Vietnam.
    • GoBabyGo on the Go

      Philip McCreanor; Shon Hoberg
      Developing GoBabyGo vehicles that can be taken on MOM trips.
    • Gold Gravity Concentrator

      Adam Kiefer; Ethan Santi; Austin Volpe
      Our project is to design and construct a valve that creates a pulsating flow of water. This valve is to be used within a gravity gold concentrator common in small-scale artisanal gold mining.
    • Lead (Pb) Sampling and Analysis in Low-Income Residential Communities

      Adam Kiefer; Andre Butler; Luke McBrayer
      Through sampling and analysis of Pb concentrations in airborne and settled dust, this project will provide both a qualitative and quantitative study of Pb pollution in low-income residential communities.
    • Low-Cost Manual Water Pumps in the Developing World: Exploring the Potential Applicability of Duckbill Valves

      Michael MacCarthy; Caroline Bowers
      This research focuses on the potential applicability of duckbill valves as check valves in low-cost manual water pumps used in the developing world. It involves testing the pumping rate and lifting limit of suction pump systems with and without a duckbill valve as a foot valve.
    • On-Site Treatment of Gray Water

      Philip McCreanor; Dalton Everhardt; Nicky Sun
      Two in ground systems that treat residential gray water on site are currently in use and being studied. The systems are mostly successful in treating gray water and being below certain regulatory values.
    • Seawater's Ability to Absorb CO2

      Matt Marone; Barrett McDonald
      Dr. Marone and I are designing an experiment to test the ability of seawater to absorb carbon dioxide. This information will be used to determine the feasibility of melting ice caps to mitigate temperature increase.
    • Standard Fog Collector Experiment with Varying Mesh Types

      Laura Lackey; Stephen Hill; Phoebe Capps; Hailey Ferrel
      This project aims to evaluate the assess the dew collection ability of different kinds of mesh by using standard fog collectors.
    • Touch3D Yearbook for the Blind

      Sinjae Hyun; Scott Schultz; Michelle Jung
      This project aims to deliver a 3D printed, touchable yearbook to the Georgia Academy of the Blind as well as develop the most optimal materials, design, and method of construction to continue improving upon the 3D Yearbook for each coming year’s graduating class.
    • WASH Sanitary Survey for Water Quality Analysis

      Michael MacCarthy; Sara Binet
      This presentation discusses the development of a sanitary survey for water quality analysis in the Dominican Republic, as well as the construction and testing of a drilled spring grout technology prototype.