• 4 inch Hydraulic Turbine Runner Assembly

      Loren Sumner; Stephen Hill; Mary Kathryn Savage; Emily Davis; Chanah Bremar
      Improve power producing capabilities of a small run-of-river hydro turbine system intended for use in rural communities.
    • Automated Pill Dispenser to Improve Medication Adherence

      Philip McCreanor; Blake Chester
      This pill dispenser can be economically produced, use an LCD to display information, record and save data, and dispense doses of medication at the push of a button.
    • Engineering Models for Demonstration

      Kenneth Marek; Mary Connell; Sarah Earnesty
      The goal of this project was to design two different models to be used for demonstrations in engineering classes. These models will help clarify important topics for students.
    • Finger Force Required Versus Perceived Force Study

      Laura Moody; Adam Gracyalny; Dylan Loggins
      Overall, this study investigates the correlation between actual force versus perceived force and the effect of the person’s age and height on the force applied.
    • Fliess Series Method for Ricatti Differential Systems

      Makhin Thitsa; Brady Simon
      We propose an algebraic combinatoric approach to solve matrix Riccati differential equations. An algorithm was written and optimized in Java.
    • Generation of Drug Eluting Polymer Nanofibers and Effects of UV Exposure on Material Characteristics

      Joanna Thomas; Amanda Cimino
      Multiple studies on the effect of UV exposure on drug-eluting electrospun scaffolds were conducted to determine if length of UV exposure influenced scaffold ultrastructure, bacterial load, drug elution, cell viability, and drug structure stability.
    • Hockey Accuracy Training Aid

      Philip McCreanor; Michael A Marcoux; Sabrina Mahnke
      The team worked on creating a hockey training aid to increase a player’s accuracy.
    • Mobile Solar-Powered Water Pump Unit

      Ruiyun Fu; Philip McCreanor; Caitlyn Patton; Emily Davis
      This project consisted of building a cart and tilt apparatus for a solar panel that will be used to power a water pump. The tilt apparatus was fixed to the cart, and allows the solar panel to be adjusted to various angles, based on the sun’s position, to maximize panel output.
    • Orthopedic Scoliosis Brace for Pediatric Patients

      Ha Vo; Philip McCreanor; Trung Le; Bich Nguyen; Tara Chavda; Lilian Morin; Jocelyn Pena
      The goal of this project is to design and develop a back brace that will prevent further development of scoliosis for pediatric patients.
    • Pediatric Drop Foot Brace

      Ha Van Vo; Joan Burtner; Blair Gatland; Joseph Preziosi; Courtney Ton-Nu
      The teams goal is to make a lightweight brace that is durable, inexpensive, and can be used for a longer period of time.
    • Technical Mentorship of FIRST Tech Challenge Team

      Philip McCreanor; Anthony Choi; Harrison Verhine
      Mercer undergraduates formed and mentored a robotics team comprised of high school students from the Macon area.