• Adaptive Toy Project

      Philip McCreanor; Alexandra Dunn; Brian Sledjeski
      The results of a research project involving the modification of electric toys so they can be more easily operated.
    • Dustduino

      André Butler; Griffin Murphy; Pace Dillon
      An Engineering Honors project designed to develop a dust sensor which will be used for the Dominican Republic Mercer on Mission.
    • GoBabyGo Enhancement

      Philip McCreanor; Hunter Fleenor; Morgan Teeter
      Modification to current GoBabyGo car to allow for center drive and a single, larger driver.
    • Mercury Capture System Direct Flame

      Laura Lackey; Adam Kiefer; Isaac St.Clair; Samantha Pierce
      An apparatus for capturing and coalescing hot mercury vapor emitted from heated gold-mercury amalgams was designed for use in gold shop communities. This was an alternate design in conjunction with Mercer on Mission Guyana.
    • Optimizing Home Energy Efficiency and Solar Power

      Michael McCarthy; Michelle Graham; Alviez Chagan
      Implementation and investigation of low-cost solar energy in middle- to low-income communities.
    • Reducing Barriers to Mobility in the United States and the Dominican Republic

      Michael MacCarthy; McPherson Newell
      The presented work highlights two approaches undertaken to reduce both financial and informational barriers to mobility in the United States and the Dominican Republic: 1) Instructions for correct cane and crutch fitting and use were developed and distributed in the Dominican Republic. 2) A comparative gait study between standard rollators and forearm rollators is being developed in the United States.
    • Universal Prosthetic for Forefoot Amputations

      Ha Van Vo; Trung Le; Zach Brumbalow; Caleb Thompson
      In this project I designed and built a universal prosthetic for patients with forefoot amputations.