• 10x10 Array of Stimulating Electrode

      Edward O'Brien; Kevin Barnett; Hodge Jenkins; Kimberly Gessner; Joshua Dupaty; Rachel Burns
      A senior design project focused on the development of a wearable electrode array to be used as a sensory substitution device.
    • 4 inch Hydraulic Turbine Runner Assembly

      Loren Sumner; Stephen Hill; Mary Kathryn Savage; Emily Davis; Chanah Bremar
      Improve power producing capabilities of a small run-of-river hydro turbine system intended for use in rural communities.
    • Brazing Cell Workstation Layout Redesign and Jig Construction

      Stephen Hill; Miles Lewis; Jared Williamson; Ben Myers
      The brazing cell layout at Marvair was redesigned to be more ergonomic and improve the flow through the workspace. An improved jig was also designed to reduce process variation and improve ease of use.
    • Creating a Device to Harvest Vehicular Kinetic Energy

      Alireza Sarvestani; Holly Wells; Jennifer Andrews; Caitlyn Patton
      Senior design project using Piezoelectric sensors to harvest energy of cars driving over the sensors.
    • Design of Portable Incubator for Water Coliform Testing.

      Joanna Thomas; Ruiyun Fu; Laura Lackey; Edward O'Brien; Amanda Cimino; Elise Young; Deryl Hart Warner
      As part of our senior design project, our team has developed and tested a collapsible, lightweight incubator design for travel that complies with all client specifications and can provide reliable incubation for water quality kit compartment bags for testing in remote field settings. Narration of the Presentation at: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1j7eYShjH2pn7Afa_yzOqwmh3bzJe_hls
    • Functional Electrical Stimulation Orthosis for Patients with Drop-Foot Syndrome

      Edward O'Brien; Kevin Barnett; Chase George; Paula Drake; Hannah Peshek
      This is a Senior Design poster covering an FES devices used for patients with drop foot.
    • Gray Water Controller

      Philip McCreanor; Kevin Barnett; Richard Mines; Deion Davis; Riley Carlson; Andrew Thaxton
      Senior Design poster for the Gray Water Controller project
    • Marvair Line 1 Redesign

      Scott Schultz; Melinda Hollingshed; Laura Moody; Brandi Lewis; Michael Cosby; Tayla Scott
      In order to improve the overall efficiency and productivity of assembly Line 1 at Marvair, an HVAC manufacturer, our senior design team developed a recommendation plan for the company to improve the line.
    • Multi-Sensor Measurement Device

      Stephen Hill; Scott Schultz; Robby Gill; Michael Marcoux; Ty McLemore; Andrew Deloach
      Our goal for this project is to deliver a portable device that measures pressure, carbon dioxide, temperature, and humidity.
    • Off-Road Vehicle Modifications

      Hodge Jenkins; Kevin Barnett; Arash Afshar; Sabrina Mahnke; Sarah Earnesty; Christopher Shirk
      The Mercer University School of Engineering (MUSE) constructed a two-seat all-terrain vehicle as a display vehicle that is driven and displayed at Mercer University events to showcase the MUSE. The MUSE building superintendent and machine shop support technician, Mr. John Mullis, requested that a series of upgrades be made to the MUSE ATV to further improve the vehicle and allow it to be showcased at a variety of Mercer events.
    • Orthopedic Scoliosis Brace for Pediatric Patients

      Ha Vo; Philip McCreanor; Trung Le; Bich Nguyen; Tara Chavda; Lilian Morin; Jocelyn Pena
      The goal of this project is to design and develop a back brace that will prevent further development of scoliosis for pediatric patients.
    • Parkinson's Tremor Device

      Scott Schultz; Cassidy Hipp; Megan Delmonico; Daniella Chrabuszcz
      Engineering senior design project
    • PID-Controlled Electric Kiln

      Anthony Choi; Loren Sumner; Robert Gill; Jacob L Sokolove; Jonathan Wood; John Rightmyer
      The client requests that an electric kiln be designed such that a variety of metals can be heat-treated in a safe, automated, and efficient system. This poster covers the design process for the kiln.
    • Portable Solar Panel for Military Use

      Stephen Hill; Michael McCarthy; Loren Sumner; Logan Bradford; Michael Quinn; Will McCarthy
      Portable solar charging system for military applications.
    • Rainwater Harvesting at Habitat for Humanity Builds

      Arash Afshar; Natalia Cardelino; Stephen Hill; Michael MacCarthy; Philip McCreanor; Hannah Perry; Kelsea Southwick
      A senior design project of a rainwater harvesting system implemented at a Macon Habitat for Humanity home
    • Seismic Water Depth Meter

      Michael MacCarthy; Anthony Choi; Kevin Barnett; Gabrielle Sims; Ariel Dornisch; Tim Hood
      Our senior design project consists of a device that will use seismic reflection in order to determine the depth of groundwater.
    • Seismic Water Depth Meter

      Michael McCarthy; Joshua Knight; Ariel Dornisch; Gabrielle Sims; Timothy Hood
      A low cost seismograph that can detect the depth of groundwater.
    • Sequencing Batch Reactor

      Richard Mines; Stephen Hill; Nicholas Riddell; Yu Binn Lim; Sebastian Sanchez-Lara
      A sequencing batch reactor is a way to treat wastewater. This documents the bulilding and tesing of one.
    • Single Pond Agitation

      Richard Mines; Loren Sumner; Kevin Barnett; Stephen Hill; Brian ODonnell; Charlotte Dungan; Justin Boquist
      BASF/Mercer senior design team collaboration of Single Pond Agitation System CDR poster.
    • Smart Automatic Door Poster

      Anthony Choi; Alireza Sarvestani; Kevin Barnett; Eric Wiley; Regan Hinman; Connor Herne
      This is the poster for the Smart Automatic Door Senior Design project completed by Eric Wiley, Connor Herne, and Regan Hinman in Spring of 2020.