• BEAR Day 2020

      Tennille Shuster; Lydreyah Simmons
      Student Program Design
    • Pediatric Drop Foot Brace

      Ha Van Vo; Joan Burtner; Blair Gatland; Joseph Preziosi; Courtney Ton-Nu
      The teams goal is to make a lightweight brace that is durable, inexpensive, and can be used for a longer period of time.
    • Automated Pill Dispenser to Improve Medication Adherence

      Philip McCreanor; Blake Chester
      This pill dispenser can be economically produced, use an LCD to display information, record and save data, and dispense doses of medication at the push of a button.
    • FOOLS Training Dollhouse

      Joanna Thomas; Natalia Cardelino; Tori Cordista; Christa O'Reilly
      To create brackets that will be used to facilitate the transportation of dollhouses used to train firefighters.
    • Wheel Hub Redesign and Implementation of Speedometer on the Off Road Vehicle

      Scott Schultz; Kevin Barnett; Robert Gill; Jonathan Ely; Jordan Mangham
      Senior Design project centered around redesigning the wheel hubs and implementing a speedometer onto the MUSE off-road vehicle.
    • Gold Gravity Concentrator

      Adam Kiefer; Ethan Santi; Austin Volpe
      Our project is to design and construct a valve that creates a pulsating flow of water. This valve is to be used within a gravity gold concentrator common in small-scale artisanal gold mining.
    • Gender Disparity in Education in Sub-Saharan Africa: How it Affects the Economy

      Jorge Fernando Palacios; Eliza Miller
      This research will look closely at the Sub-Saharan gender disparity of African women in education and their respective wealth. More importantly, it will analyze the funding that is allocated towards education in each country and the percentage of educated people that are females.
    • Gray Water Controller

      Philip McCreanor; Kevin Barnett; Richard Mines; Deion Davis; Riley Carlson; Andrew Thaxton
      Senior Design poster for the Gray Water Controller project
    • Modern Minstrelsy: The Art of Displacement

      Andrew Silver; Casey Allen
      This project is a research essay on the ways that minstrelsy still exists in modern media culture, particularily exploring three movies from the late 90's and early 2000's: Shrek (2001), The Phantom Menace (1999), and The Fifth Element (1997). This essay explores how minstrel forms evolved over time and how displacment and distancing allow them to exist in modern media without being recognized and criticized.
    • An Autopsy on Mortality

      David Davis; Sam Minton
      I focus on historical and literary depictions of death in WWI in the context of modernism. I argue that constant interaction between the living and the dead led to the deconstruction of the binary of life and death in literary modernism.
    • Dancing into Whiteness: A Look at José Limón’s Performance in Atlanta in 1953 and Cold War America

      Matthew Harper; Adrianna Rosario
      This essay connects the themes of race, the Cold War, and the Jim Crow South through the exploration of the Mexican Modern dancer, José Limón and his performances in the 1950s.
    • Wood Thickness Reducer

      Hodge Jenkins; Stephen Hill; Pierce Smith; Dylan Kennedy; Charles Stroud
      Senior design project
    • Technical Mentorship of FIRST Tech Challenge Team

      Philip McCreanor; Anthony Choi; Harrison Verhine
      Mercer undergraduates formed and mentored a robotics team comprised of high school students from the Macon area.
    • Efficacy of C-Fos Inhibition In Patch Compartment Upon Habitual Methamphetamine Administration

      Ashley Horner; Troy Kendrick; Bhuvaneshwari Muchandi
      The study evaluates whether deactivating C-Fos neuronal expression in patch compartment decreases habit formation in methamphetamine administration
    • Design of Portable Incubator for Water Coliform Testing.

      Joanna Thomas; Ruiyun Fu; Laura Lackey; Edward O'Brien; Amanda Cimino; Elise Young; Deryl Hart Warner
      As part of our senior design project, our team has developed and tested a collapsible, lightweight incubator design for travel that complies with all client specifications and can provide reliable incubation for water quality kit compartment bags for testing in remote field settings. Narration of the Presentation at: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1j7eYShjH2pn7Afa_yzOqwmh3bzJe_hls
    • Universal Back Brace for Pediatric Patients with Scoliosis

      Ha Van Vo; Scott Schultz; Lilian Morin; Jocelyn Pena
      Our team will introduce an alternative design for a scoliosis back brace that allows for an adjustable and mobile brace that will aid in the corrected gait and posture of the patient while alleviating pain.
    • BEAR Day 2020

      Tennille Shuster; Alexandra Frink
      Student Program Design
    • BEAR Day 2020

      Tennille Shuster; Lydreyah Simmons
      Student Program Design
    • The Design and Application of a Flow Chamber to Study Leukocyte Migration In Vitro

      Alireza Sarvestani; Loren Sumner; Sinjae Hyun; Madison Judd; Blake Chester; Connor Reed
      Our team (Blake Chester, Madison Judd, Connor Reed) were tasked by Dr. Alireza Sarvestani to design and build a flow chamber device to study the effect the endothelial cell wall rigidity has on leukocyte migration.
    • Lead (Pb) Sampling and Analysis in Low-Income Residential Communities

      Adam Kiefer; Andre Butler; Luke McBrayer
      Through sampling and analysis of Pb concentrations in airborne and settled dust, this project will provide both a qualitative and quantitative study of Pb pollution in low-income residential communities.