• Design of Portable Incubator for Water Coliform Testing.

      Joanna Thomas; Ruiyun Fu; Laura Lackey; Edward O'Brien; Amanda Cimino; Elise Young; Deryl Hart Warner
      As part of our senior design project, our team has developed and tested a collapsible, lightweight incubator design for travel that complies with all client specifications and can provide reliable incubation for water quality kit compartment bags for testing in remote field settings. Narration of the Presentation at: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1j7eYShjH2pn7Afa_yzOqwmh3bzJe_hls
    • Generation of Drug Eluting Polymer Nanofibers and Effects of UV Exposure on Material Characteristics

      Joanna Thomas; Amanda Cimino
      Multiple studies on the effect of UV exposure on drug-eluting electrospun scaffolds were conducted to determine if length of UV exposure influenced scaffold ultrastructure, bacterial load, drug elution, cell viability, and drug structure stability.