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1903 - 1904
Broad and Marietta Streets
15 N. Broad

 In July 1903 three men obtained a charter from the state of Georgia to found the Southern College of Pharmacy.  The three men were Dr. H.W. Crenshaw (a medical doctor), Dr. E.A. Everhart (a chemist), and Dr. R.C. Hood (a pharmacist).  The College was located at the corner of Broad and Marietta Streets. "These three men recognized the need for a College of Pharmacy in Atlanta and Georgia." (source: 1949 Cosmas)
"The College authorities rented one floor of a building located at the corner of Marietta and Broad Streets. Here the College opened its doors to the world on October 1, 1903. And from this opening dates its long history." (source: Aldredge, E.W.)

1904 - 1905
Broad and Alabama Streets

The school temporarily located in the Gas Company office building at this location so the original location could be remodeled into quarters more convenient for a school

"After one year in the first location, the College moved, in 1904, to a location above the Gas Company office, which was located at the corner of Broad and Alabama Streets. Awaiting the completion of a remodeling program to be carried out at the first location, the College remained one year." (source: Aldredge, E.W.)

1905 - 1907
Broad and Marietta Streets

15 N. Broad

"In 1905, when the first home of the College had been remodeled, the College moved back into it. Here the College operated until 1907." (source: Aldredge, E.W.)

1907 - 1913
Luckie and Bartow Streets

93 Luckie St.

In 1907, plans were developed to share space with the new and innovative Atlanta School of Medicine in a new building located at Luckie and Bartow Streets.  Here, for six years, a truly innovative clinical pharmacy program flourished.  In this new location, the examining rooms of the medical school were across the hall from the pharmacy in which the students learned prescription compounding.  (source: Franke, Norman H., 1981 Script)

"In 1907, a group of stockholders purchased a lot at the corner of Luckie and Bartow streets, and erected a college building. Here the college operated until 1913. Here Dr. Crenshaw sold his interest to Dr. Hood for the purpose of raising funds with which to erect a hospital in the Grant Park section.

Later the College building was sold to Ginn & Company, and it is now occupied by this company, together with Parke-Davis & Company. At this location, Dr. Hood having bought all of the stock of the college, gave a one-fourth interest in it to Professor W.B. Freemen. At a later date Professor Freemen's interest was purchased by Mrs. R.C. Hood for $1,200." (source: Aldredge, E.W.)

1913 - 1921
Moore Building on Walton Street

65 1/2 Walton, #20

From 1913 until 1921, the College, now fully under the direction of Dr. Hood, occupied space in the Moore Building on Walton Street.
"In 1913, the College moved to the Moore building, on Walton Street. Here the college remained until 1921" (Source: Aldredge, E.W.)

1921 - 1932
East Pine and West Peachtree Street

436 Peachtree St.

In 1921 the College moved to this location into a building especially designed for it.  The College remained here until 1932.  During this time Dr. R.J. Martin bought one-half interest in the College.

 "Some time during 1921 the College moved to the corner of West Peachtree and East Pine Streets, into a building built specifically for the Southern College of Pharmacy. In this location the College remained until 1932. At this location, R.J. Martin, Phar.D., a faculty member, purchased the one-fourth interest held by Dr. Hood's wife and an additional one-fourth interest from Dr. Hood. Now the ownership of the college became vested in Dr. Hood and Dr. Martin." (source: Aldredge, E.W.)

1932 - 1972
223 Walton Street, N.W.

In 1932 the College moved to 223 Walton Street and occupied first one floor and gradually expanded into the entire building.  "Over the years this building had been renovated so often that it was beginning to wear out."  (source: Franke, Norman H., 1981 Script)

1972 - 1991
Robert Herold Building

345 Boulevard, NE

 "Soon after the merger with Mercer University a new site was acquired at 345 Boulevard, N.E. near Georgia Baptist hospital and other clinical medical institutions in the metropolitan Atlanta colossus.  This location was dedicated in 1972 and was the culmination of the merger of the spirit and philosophy of Dr. Reuben Hood, and assistance and encouragement of Dr. Herold of the Pfeiffer foundation, the indefatigable work and leadership of Dean Littlejohn and Dr. Holmes with the great tradition that characterizes Mercer University.

Operations in the Herold Building began with the innovative concept of a pharmacy operated by the School and devoted to the service of the public.  Simply called "The Pharmacy", this unique unit trained students to serve the public in their homes and in health maintenance clinics.  This success led to the unprecedented opening of a pharmacy independent of the campus, the Mechanicsville Family Health Care Center of Mercer University, designed to serve the public with the best in pharmacy services and to train students in these services."  (source: Franke, Norman H., 1981 Script)  

1991 - present
Mercer University Atlanta

Campus, NE Atlanta

 The Southern School of Pharmacy moved from downtown Atlanta to its new home on the Cecil B. Day Campus in Northeast Atlanta where it remains today.

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