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Dr. Reuben C. Hood 

Dr. R.C. Hood was the original treasurer of the College and served on its first faculty. He was elected President in 1913 and later became the first Dean when that position was created in 1938. He retired as Dean in 1950, serving as Dean Emeritus until his death in 1955 (source: 1958 Cosmas).

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Dr. Minnie Meyer
(Acting Dean)

Dr. Minnie Meyer first joined the faculty of Southern College of Pharmacy in 1940. Following Dr. Hood's retirement in 1950 she was appointed Acting Dean and served for two years (source: 1958 Cosmas).

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Dr. M.A. Chambers

Dr. M.A. Chambers was appointed Dean of Southern College of Pharmacy in 1952 and served in that capacity until 1957.

"Much progress has been made by Southern during Dr. Chambers' tenure and this has enabled Southern to attain even higher standards that have earned the respect of the entire profession and industry". (Charleton Henderson, Chairman of the Bd. of Trustees, News Capsule, May, 1957)

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Dr. Oliver M. Littlejohn

Dr. Littlejohn served 27 years as dean of Southern School of Pharmacy. He is credited with saving the professional school from closing during the 1950s and '60s and bringing the school into national prominence. He was named Dean Emeritus and Emeritus Professor of Pharmacy, an honor that has been reserved for an elite few during the University's 154-year history (source: The Mercer Pharmacist, Spring, 1987).

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Dr. Dick R. Gourley

During Dr. Gourley's tenure as dean, the School has seen growth in enrollment, progress in scholarly research and expansion in national and international prestige (source: President Godsey, Mercer Pharmacist, Sept/Oct., 1989).

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Dr. Hewitt W. (Ted) Matthews

The years of Dr. Matthews' tenure as Dean have been distinguished by a movement toward a more comprehensive School of Pharmacy; a school that embraces a combination of education, a caring attitude, dedicated service to the profession of pharmacy, and also the establishment of a significant national presence in pharmaceutical research.

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