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  • Heresy Trial Proceedings

    Mercer University, 1939-03-30
    "In 1939 thirteen strident ministerial students charged four professors and a student laboratory assistant with heresy. One of the accusing students was John M. Birch, whose name was later attached to the anticommunist movement of the cold war era. The students, encouraged by some local pastors, gave legally sworn affidavits, the majority of which focused on Professor John D. Freeman of the Christianity department. Others charged were professors Josiah Crudup, John D. Allen, and W. T. Smalley, as well as lab assistant James Wallace." - http://www.georgiaencyclopedia.org/articles/education/mercer-university#Heresy-Trial
  • Protecting the Hidden Victims: Increasing Family Bonding Throughout Incarceration

    Rinberger, Taylor
    Final report of a Service Scholars project to provide family-friendly visitation areas in correctional facilities.
  • Middle to Middle: Middle Georgia Students Engaging in Middle Eastern Studies

    Zgonc, Maddie
    Proposal and final report of a Service Scholars project to engage Middle Georgia students in Middle Eastern studies.
  • Sexual Health Education Series

    Bobo, Madeline
    Proposal and final report of a Service Scholars project to conduct sexual education workshops with Mercer University incoming freshmen
  • ABLE Mercer

    Wright, Johna
    Final report of a Service Scholars project establishing a peer mentoring program among first-year college students.

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